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Siemens Device List

Binax RIC:
Small in size, big in performance

We continue to raise the standard of Soundability™, drawing inspiration from the healthy auditory system. There are good reasons why we have two ears. Binaural hearing increases loudness, enhances clarity, and gives sound added richness and superior quality. But the benefits of binaural hearing deteriorate with age and hearing loss.

binax, the next generation of BestSound Technology, simulates the effects of binaural hearing and brings these advantages back to the wearer. It is so powerful that for the first time, wearers with a well-fit pair of Carat binax, Carat A binax or Pure binax hearing instruments can understand speech in demanding environments even better than people with normal hearing.

  • Ace binax: A hightlight of discretion : The tiny Ace binax can now be remotely controlled using a smartphone app.
  • Pure binax: Technology and discretion in balance: The elegant pure provides an outstanding binaural hearing experience.
  • Carat/Carat A binax: Binaural, flexible and compact: Equipped with a brand-new housing, the rechargeable Carat binax and the DAI-ready Carat A binax models cater to almost any of your customers fitting needs and wearing and listening preferences.
The New Binax Accessories:
Convenient companions for full connectivity and discreet control

Supplement your offerings by giving customers more connection and remote control options. Whether they are looking for hardware accessories, like the easyTek streamer, or software, like smartphone apps for discreet control, Siements provides several convenient new options-all fine-tuned to work seamlessly with binax hearing instruments.




  • easyTek and easyTek App: Multi-functional, convenient and discreet: easyTek audio streamer and easyTek App offer full access to all functions of Siemens binaural hearing aids and connect to many Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • touchControl App: Gives clients convenient control of all binax hearing instruments with their smartphones.
A Parter for life

Motion Micon™ can fit any ear and is the right solution for individuals with active lifestyles: Fully featured, hassle-free, reliable. With convenient onboard controls, these hearing instruments offer a high degree of wearing and handling comfort.

Motion Micon products provide a unique hearing experience right from the start and come in four versions which cover almost all degrees of hearing loss and all age groups: SX, M, P and PX. Motion M Micon and Motion P Micon include many safety features perfect for infants and toddlers, and the DAI is ideal for children in school. Motion SX micon and Motion PX Micon offer the convenience of rechargeability. All Motion Micon models are dustproof and water-resistant according to IP67.

Motion Micon is available in four models for virtually any ear, any age and any hearing loss:

  • Motion Micon SX+PX are conveniently rechargeable for hassle-free handling
  • Motion Micon M+P feature direct audio input via optional audio shoe
  • e2e wireless 2.0 allows for synchronization between instruments connection to electronic devices including those with Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • Intuitive onboard controls
  • Superior Nano coating protects from corrosion and water damage
  • Tinnitus noises manages tinnitus and improves hearing at the same time
Waterproof, robust and more powerful than ever

Showering, gardening, biking, walking in the rain or swimming – Aquaris Micon™ can handle it all. The housing of Aquaris is completely protected, making it suitable for continuous immersion in water – the first instrument of its kind to be successfully tested to the IP68-standard. With 65 dB or gain and Micon, Aquaris offers more power than ever. Sweat, dust, dirt and sand mean nothing to the though and durable Aquaris – perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy life without limits.

Enjoy being immersed in sound:

  • Ultra robust construction
  • IP 68 certified: Completely waterproof for continuous immersion, and fully dust protected for uncompromising sound quality and safety
  • Soft-touch surface for a better grip behind the ear with anti-repelling effect
  • Attachable Sport Clip for extra security while you're engaged in demanding activities
Maximum power for maximum gain

Siemens Nitro® is the ideal solution for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss who want to stay involved and active. These super power hearing aids not only provide the necessary amplification, they are also powered by Siemens' pioneering BestSound™ Technology to offer outstanding speech intelligibility and listening enjoyment.

Siemens Nitro hearing aids gives you the sound experience you prefer, all with remarkably low battery consumption. In addition, nearly all Nitro models offer wireless connectivity, helping you to focus on your life and not your hearing aids. Nitro has the power and functions to help you stay connected and get the most out of life.

Nitro high powered hearing aids provide the super power and super connectivity you need:

  • Ergonomic slim-neck design—30% smaller
  • Directional microphones
  • Up to 82dB gain
  • More powerful in the lower frequencies
  • Superior component stability and feedback cancellation
  • Long-lasting power with 675 size battery
  • Programmable and dual on-board controls
  • IP67-rated—resistant to moisture, sweat and dirt
  • LED status indicator and optional safety door for children
  • Tinnitus therapy feature
  • Integrated telecoil
  • AutoPhone—automatically switches to telephone program when you hold phone next to your ear
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Direct audio input via audio shoe (optional accessory for Nitro)
NITRO Micon:
Super power. Super connectivity

Nitro Micon™ is the ideal solution for people with severe to profound hearing loss: It offers more speech understanding, sound quality and wearing comfort to those who need it most. In addition, nearly all models offer the unique combination of maximum amplification with wireless connectivity. By combining super power with the latest, most sophisticated technology, Nitro Micon provides the options, functions and amplification that wearers who are dependent on their hearing instruments need to stay connected to their world.

Nitro Micon high powered hearing aids provide the super power and super connectivity you need:

  • Directional Microphones - Optimized placement and orientation ensure the best possible directivity
  • Dual onboard controls - Integrated Push button and rocker switch for manual control including a programmable key lock to prevent unintentional program or volume changes
  • IP67-rated - Resistant to moisture, sweat, dust and dirt
  • optional DAI
  • Ergonomic slim-neck design - Discreet fit behind the ear, high degree of wearing comfort
  • AutoPhone - Automatically switches to telephone mode when the telephone is held to the ear
  • LED status indicator - Shows instrument's program changes, key lock activation and deactivation
  • Tinnitus noiser - Three programmable modes: Microphone signal only, tinnitus noiser function only, or mixed mode
  • Directional microphones - Focus on sound from in front of the wearer while reducing noises from other directions
Flexible, solid, individual essentials

Orion™ combines smart technology with long-lasting durability for solid hearing instruments that provide a reliable listening experience. Its nanocoated housing and IP67 – certification combine with improved speech intelligibility and wireless connectivity to make Orion a trustworthy partner – no matter what life has in store for your customers.

Available in four models, ensuring you can find the perfect hearing aid to fit your needs:

  • Orion S for mild hearing loss
  • Orion M for mild to moderate loss
  • Orion P for severe hearing loss
  • Orion RIC that can support mild to severe hearing loss
Simply reliable

The Sirion™line of hearing instruments was built for long-lasting durability and dependability. With a robust housing that protects all the technology inside, it offers reliable performance when it comes to speech intelligibility – even in noisy environments. The combination of customizable settings, IP67 – certification, rugged construction and simple convenience in various BTE and custom models, makes Sirion a simple and reliable choice for wearers who don't want to miss out on the action in their lives.

Common Features:

  • Solid design ensures reliable performance over a long service life
  • Convenient easy-to-use controls
  • Excellent feedback cancellation prevents bothersome whistling noises
  • Exchangeable housing to match your color preferences
  • Built-in telecoil to connect to telephones and looped environments, such as classrooms
    (M and P models)
The reliable solution

Lotus combines proven technology with ease of use and good audio quality – at outstanding value. The housing is robust and particularly reliable for everyday use. With its broad range of models, Siemens Lotus offers an appropriate and comfortable solution for any wearer.


  • Reliable
  • Superior sound quality
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable


  • Trouble-free
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Programmable or trimmer-operated

Lotus Pro Programmable is also available as BTE and ITE versions, the following devices are available in Lotus Pro series

  • Lotus Pro 2M - BTE
  • Lotus Pro 2SP - BTE
  • Lotus Pro M - BTE/li>
  • Lotus Pro P - BTE
  • Lotus Pro SP - BTE
  • Lotus Pro ITE , ITC, CIC
  • Lotus 23M
  • Lotus 23P
  • Lotus 23SP
  • Lotus 23 ITE, ITC, CIC
Engineered for absolute comfort and discretion

Simple freedoms

Siemens ultra-tiny , ultra-comfortable Insio Micon™ is a discreet solution with Micon generation technology – optimized to fit the specific characteristics of ITE hearing instruments. It offers both a highly individualized hearing experience and the Optivent™ ventilation strategy, which supports a perfect balance between speech understanding and sound quality. And Siemens has further miniaturized the components to create a smaller instrument with a deeper fit. Insio's technology and construction allow for remarkable individualization options, a high level of discretion and wearing comfort, outstanding listening satisfaction and increased understanding from the start.

  • In-the-ear (ITE)
  • In-the-canal (ITC), or half-shell (HS)
  • Completely-in-the-canal (CIC)
  • Invisible-in-the-canal (IIC)


  • First completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aid with wireless connectivity
    (Siemens Tek® andminiTek®)
  • Program button for selecting hearing programs (optional)
  • Battery door for quick, easy battery replacement
  • Vent for optimal ear ventilation and sound delivery with no feedback
  • Volume control for direct sound adjustment (ITE model)
  • Enhanced tinnitus therapy feature that manages tinnitus while improving hearing
  • Directional microphone that focuses sound to help you concentrate on your conversation partner
  • 5 skin-tone colors plus 12 additional fashion colors for the ITC/HS and CIC
Nitro Customs:
Super-power in a discreet hearing aid

For people with severe hearing loss, Nitro® custom in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids are very strong and offer outstanding sound quality.

Enabled by Siemens BestSound™ Technology, Nitro helps improve speech intelligibility, even in difficult listening situations. Nitro ITE automatically recognizing your environment and switches to the appropriate program—leaving you free to focus on your life.


  • Small, discreet design
  • Directional microphones in ITE
  • Omnidirectional microphone in CIC
  • Up to 71dB gain, even in the tiny CIC
  • Optional telecoil in ITE and ITC
  • Tinnitus therapy feature
  • Windscreen protects against wind noise
  • Feedback cancelling technology combats feedback noise
Smaller. Simpler. Smarter

Ace Micon is Siemens smallest, most discreet RIC solution. Its fully automatic functions, nearly invisible design, and Micon BestSound Technology redefine discretion by providing inconspicuous, reliable functionality and natural sound quality, thus making it the perfect choice for first-time users. With its flexible fitting range and manual on-board control, Ace is the ideal immediate and long-term solution that can be fit to virtually any level of hearing loss- and even accommodate progressive losses over time.

Discreet and versatile

With a very discreet, understated look, this rechargeable and wireless solution comes in a variety of models. Pure Micon™ - Siemens fully featured RIC, has an exceptionally functional design, offering the best audiological performance in a very small size. Pure models cover practically all levels of hearing loss, and deliver outstanding versatility in a RIC product.


  • Advanced BestSound™ Technology from Siemens
  • Directional microphones that help you better focus on conversation
  • A superior binaural listening experience
  • Premium wireless connectivity for convenient control
  • Telecoil for connection and transmission of speech directly into your ears in facilities equipped with an induction loop, such as places of worship, theaters, or public buildings
  • A tinnitus therapy feature to help manage tinnitus and improve hearing at the same time
  • Convenient hearing aid with rechargeable batteries for hassle-free handling. Change batteries once a year instead of once a week
  • IP67-rated* for resistance to moisture, sweat, dust and dirt for greater reliability
  • Rocker switch for program or volume adjustments
Understanding - made easy

Intuis stands for a straightforward, comfortable and reliable line of hearing instruments at a good value. Help your customers enjoy a dependable hearing experience with its hassle-free handling, solid and attractive housings and proven hearing system technology in both BTE and custom models. And now, with the improved audibility and higher sound quality of three new Intuis Pro models, you can offer even more of our customers the joy of hearing comfort in any situation. Features like adjustable 4 Channel Adaptive Noise Reduction and Speech Direct reduce listening effort and background noise for more natural, comfortable and high-class hearing in any situation.


  • Micropone - Using the natural ear for directivity, the omnidirectional microphone takes in sound from all directions
  • Programming socket - For simple plug in and start fittings
  • push button
  • Battery door - with on/off functions
  • Nanocoating - Unique protection for BTE models from moisture and debris
  • Vent - For ear ventilation

NEW! - Ituis Pro is also released to market under BTE with following options

  • Intuis Pro S Dir
  • Intuis Pro Dir
  • Intuis Pro SP Dir

1. Shell:

Individually manufactured shell that duplicates the shape of the ear canal.

2. Push button:

Optional program change button to adapt to diverse listening situations.

3. Directional microphone:

With built-in wind noise reduction. Depending on selected option, an omnidirectional microphone is available.

4. Wax guard:

Not visible, it protects the instrument from earwax. Different wax guard options available.

5. Battery door:

1. Open the battery compartment
2. Insert battery

6. Volume control:

Optional rotary control to adapt the volume setting to spontaneous individual needs.

7. Vent:

Ensures the ventilation of the ear. Vent size dependent on hearing loss.

Discover Intuis CIC:

1. Wax guard:

Not visible, it protects the instrument from earwax. Different wax guard options available.

2. Shell :

Individually manufactured shell that duplicates the shape of the ear canal.

3. Battery door:

1. Open the battery compartment
2. Insert battery

4. Omnidirectional microphone:

Picks up sound from all directions.

5. Vent:

Ensures the ventilation of the ear. Vent size dependent on hearing loss.

6. Removal cord:

For easy removal from the ear.

Discover Intuis ITC:

1. Wax guard:

Not visible, it protects the instrument from earwax. Different wax guard options available.

2. Shell :

Individually manufactured shell that duplicates the shape of the ear canal.

3. Directional microphone:

With built-in wind noise reduction. Depending on selected option, an omnidirectional microphone is available.

4. Battery door:

1. Open the battery compartment
2. Insert battery

5. Push button:

Optional program change button to adapt to diverse listening situations.

6. Vent:

Ensures the ventilation of the ear. Vent size dependent on hearing loss.

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