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The world's first technology that outperforms normal hearing
We continue to raise the standard of Soundability™, drawing inspiration from the healthy auditory system. There are good reasons why we have two ears. Binaural hearing increases loudness, enhances clarity, and gives sound added richness and superior quality. But the benefits of binaural hearing deteriorate with age and hearing loss.

binax, the next generation of BestSound Technology, simulates the effects of binaural hearing and brings these advantages back to the wearer. It is so powerful that for the first time, wearers with a well-fit pair of Carat binax, Carat A binax or Pure binax hearing instruments can understand speech in demanding environments even better than people with normal hearing.
Great Comfort Meets Superior Connectivity
with its broad variety of BTE and ITE models, Orion can fit every ear and every listening situation. With its combination of dependable audiological performance for improved speech intelligibility, wireless connectivity and a high level of wearing comfort, Orion Procides a fine listening experience for every ear.
Ready and robust for nearly any situation
Sirion is a trustworthy companion: Its BTE and ITE hearing instruments offer improved speech intelligibility - even in challenging listening situations. And its BTE models come with a solid casing that securely protects the latest technology inside. Sirion is a reliable solution for every day and every ear.
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